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We, the Polk County Young Republicans, champion the enduring principles of American exceptionalism and constitutional fidelity that define our nation's unique role in the world as a beacon of liberty and justice. Believing in the inseparable bond between political and economic freedom, we uphold the Constitution as our sacred covenant, advocating for limited government, federalism, and the rights of the people as fundamental to preserving our liberties for future generations. Inspired by the Republican Party of Florida and the national GOP platform, we commit to promoting policies that ensure robust economic growth, uphold our national security, and foster educational opportunities that empower individuals. We stand resolute in our mission to engage young citizens in the political process, advocating for a government that respects the freedom and potential of its people, and we invite all who share these values to join us in shaping a prosperous, secure, and united America.

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First, we believe in a restructuring of higher education, which would leave more of us equipped for our desired fields instead of working minimum wage jobs that are irrelevant to our education. 


Also, we believe in limiting the federal government’s involvement in our education. This includes getting rid of all federal student loans programs. We support school choice and homeschooling programs and believe strongly in an educational system that will provide higher education to those whose achievements deserve it, and we will advocate to give students the environment they want and need to succeed both in and beyond higher education.


Our club believes in immigration laws and immigration reforms that address the needs of national security. We should warmly welcome those who enter our country through legal methods, while devoting extra resources to keep out those who try to enter via illegal methods, as well as keeping track of those who enter and when they leave. We believe that amnesty towards those who have broken immigration laws only encourages future immigrants to enter the country illegally rather than legally. While we recognize that the number of foreign immigrants traveling here has enriched our country, we also believe that requiring them to do so legally is vital to the safety of American lives.

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We adamantly believe that the rights guaranteed to all Americans in the Fourteenth Amendment apply to unborn children as well. We support a constitutional amendment that protects human life and which will end abortion entirely. We oppose any use of public funding to promote or carry out abortions, and also oppose any health care options that include the coverage of abortion. Instead, we support tax incentives for families that choose to adopt over abortion.

We wish to provide women with problem pregnancies with the resources and support they need, as long as it is not infringing on the rights of their children. Part of our club's agenda will be to urge elected officials to pass legislation that defends the rights outlined in the Fourteenth Amendment for unborn children.


We believe that sensible business regulations are incredibly important, and that business regulations should promote confidence in the economy among both consumers and businesses. We oppose any policies that are seen as interventionist, and that give the federal government control of industry.

Inflation is a tax to the American people. It diminishes our purchasing power both at home and abroad. It punishes those who save money, keeps money in the hands of larger businesses rather than smaller ones, and is a major hindrance to seniors and others who live on fixed incomes.


The purpose of taxes in our economy is to “fund services that are essential and authorized by the Constitution, such as national security, and the care of those who cannot care for themselves.” All other taxes, such as those that redistribute wealth or fund unnecessary programs, should be done away with, and that money should stay in the pockets of the American people. We seek a tax system that is “simple, transparent, flatter, and fair.” We would like a reformed tax system that promotes economic competition, and to provide more benefits to families with children.

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2nd AMENDMENT (Gun Rights)

We have a commitment to the paramount nature of freedom and individual responsibility. This belief is said to be a fundamental principle to the Republican party.  We believe in a smaller government with fewer regulations to provide a more efficient way to manage the affairs of our nation.

This position extends to the rights to own firearms. We believe that American citizens have the right to own, carry, and use guns. Our position on gun rights does not flow from a fondness for weapons, but from a fundamental principle that calls for upholding certain rights that the nation was built upon.  We believe that governmental regulations of firearms are largely unconstitutional and therefore, most gun laws are an infringement on the individual’s rights to bear arms. The Second Amendment gives us as American citizens, the right to protect ourselves, our families, and our property.


"America First" is a policy approach that emphasizes prioritizing the interests, welfare, and prosperity of the United States above those of other nations. It promotes the belief that the U.S. government should focus on domestic affairs, economic self-sufficiency, national security, and the well-being of American citizens as the primary objectives.


The America First policy generally advocates for:


1. Economic Protectionism: It supports the use of trade policies that prioritize American industries, workers, and businesses. This can involve measures such as tariffs, trade restrictions, and renegotiating international trade agreements to protect domestic industries and jobs.


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