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Election Resources

Welcome to the Elections Resources page on the Polk County Young Republicans website – your one-stop destination for everything you need to know about elections! Here, you'll discover our unique Conserve-O-Meter, where you can gauge where candidates stand on critical issues and how closely they align with our club's values. Simply click on the candidates' photos to delve deeper into their positions.


But that's not all! You'll also find valuable information about local elections, stay updated with important election news, learn how to register to vote, locate your elected officials, and even explore how to become a poll watcher. Whether you're a seasoned voter or a first-time participant in the democratic process, this page equips you with the resources and knowledge you need to make informed decisions and actively engage in shaping the future of our community and nation. Dive in and empower yourself to be a catalyst for positive change!

Candidate Conserve-O-Meter


"Discover where candidates stand with our Conserv-O-Meter, your compass to pinpointing who shares our values and principles."

Are you a candidate running for office? Take the quiz and see how much your views align with the members of the Polk County Young Republicans.


Logan Luse

Candidate For State HD33

Stay in the loop with the latest campaign buzz and updates as you track your favorite candidates' journey to victory.



Your vote is your power – make your voice heard and shape the future by casting your ballot for the candidates who represent your values.


Don't just focus on the top races – dive deep and make informed choices all the way down the ballot to support candidates who align with your beliefs on every issue.



Your voice matters. Stand tall and let your roar be heard as you participate in the democratic process and shape the direction of our nation.

Become an Election Volunteer!

"Join us in making a difference by signing up as an election volunteer and help shape the democratic process firsthand!"

Thanks for being interested!!

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